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Kohl Museum Partnership

Welcome Kohl Children's
Museum Members!

Kids love bugs - and Anderson Pest Solutions loves kids. So it's only natural that APS would team up with the Kohl Children's Museum in Glenview to help kids learn more about the fascinating world of insects.

Mark O'Hara, President of Anderson, is excited about the new partnership. "When people think about pest management companies like Anderson, they tend to think about ants and termites - all the bugs you just want to get out of your house. But our knowledge of the insect world goes far beyond simple household pests. The relationship with the Kohl Museum is a way for us to share some of what we know."

"Tom Dobrinska, our Training Director and staff entomologist, and Mark Mayer, our Service Specialist and Chief Bug Keeper, will be visiting the Kohl Museum throughout the year, bringing along some of their unusual insect friends for children to experience up close. It should be lots of fun for the kids - and for Tom and Mark."